Upgrade Your Lawn Mower with Outdoor Power Xtreme Equipment New X0177 PTO Clutch

May 19, 2023

Outdoor Power Xtreme Equipment New X0177 PTO Clutch Compatible with/Replacement for John Deere AM116654 lawn mower 1.125 Crankshaft, 5.35 Pulley, Counter Clockwise, A/B Belt, 105 ft. lbs. Torque.

Are you looking for a reliable John Deere PTO clutch for your lawn mower? Look no further! Introducing the Outdoor Power Xtreme Equipment New X0177 PTO Clutch, designed to be compatible with or act as a replacement for the John Deere AM116654 model.

Built with high-quality materials and precise engineering, this PTO clutch ensures optimal performance and durability. It features a 1.125-inch crankshaft, 5.35-inch pulley, counter-clockwise rotation, and an A/B belt for a secure and efficient power transmission.

With a torque of 105 ft. lbs., this PTO clutch delivers exceptional power to drive your lawn mower blades with ease. It is perfect for tackling tough grass and handling heavy-duty tasks, providing a smooth and reliable operation.

Don’t settle for a subpar PTO clutch when you can upgrade to the Outdoor Power Xtreme Equipment New X0177. Say goodbye to clutch slippage and unreliable performance. Invest in this top-of-the-line PTO clutch and experience the difference in your lawn mowing experience.

In addition to the John Deere compatibility, this PTO clutch is also suitable for use with other compatible models. Ensure to check your equipment’s specifications and requirements to confirm compatibility.

Upgrade your lawn mower today with the Outdoor Power Xtreme Equipment New X0177 PTO Clutch and enjoy the convenience of a powerful and efficient machine. Experience the difference and make your lawn maintenance a breeze!

john deere pto clutch
john deere pto clutch

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